Benefits of Being a New Mexico MainStreet Community
Through a competitive application process, Alamogordo MainStreet was selected to become a member of New Mexico MainStreet. Our community now enjoys a wide variety of benefits: from participation in statewide and national networks of downtown revitalization organizations, to technical assistance and services from New Mexico MainStreet’s professional staff and program specialists.

Economic Benefits

  • Economically vital and vibrant commercial district

  • Healthier business climate and greater opportunity for growth

  • Expanded customer base

  • Increased employment opportunities

  • Cooperative strategies among small businesses

  • Stronger property values, improved marketability, and increased occupancy

Social & Community Benefits

  • Enhanced community assets and amenities

  • Improved quality of life

  • Renewed pride in community

  • Restoration of civic gathering places

  • Youth involvement in civic projects

Municipal Benefits

  • Increased revenue from gross receipts

  • Stronger tax base to support schools, parks, etc.

  • Reduced costs of municipal services

  • Improved access to federal and foundation dollars through public-private partnerships

  • Eligibility for New Mexico MainStreet capital outlay funds (as available)

Organizational Benefits

  • Stronger networks among civic and economic organizations

  • Improved local capacity

  • Achievement of common goals

  • Leveraged resources

  • Development of community partnerships