Technical Assistance provided by New Mexico MainStreet
As a valuable and added benefit of full accreditation through the New Mexico MainStreet program, Alamogordo MainStreet receives significant technical and organizational assistance. Local volunteers and staff provide the strategies and overall direction of Alamogordo MainStreet while New Mexico MainStreet simply helps us get there!


  • Establishing and maintaining a successful nonprofit

  • Grant writing and fundraising assistance

  • Volunteer development

  • Professional development

  • Resource development to implement Economic Transformation Strategies

  • Establishing Economic Performance Measures


  • Positioning Alamogordo MainStreet as a hub of economic activity

  • Branding and logo development

  • Event planning and implementation

  • Marketing for tourists

  • Merchandising assistance


  • Conceptual architectural design and adaptive reuse strategies

  • Streetscape, façade improvements, and public art integration

  • Interior design, window displays, and lighting

  • Historic preservation research and services

  • Downtown master plan development

Economic Vitality

  • Market analysis, business plans, and small business support

  • Business retention and expansion strategies

  • Business recruitment strategies

  • Development project financial feasibility analysis

  • Financial revitalization tool development

  • Reporting Economic Performance Measures