We have established and continue to maintain a nonprofit corporation that works in partnership with the public and private sector to plan and implement a comprehensive downtown revitalization strategy.
Grantwriting and fundraising; volunteer development; professional development; resource development to implement Transformation Strategies; establishing Economic Performance Measures.

The Alamogordo and New Mexico MainStreet programs promote a community-driven process that brings stakeholders from all sectors together, inviting them to be proactive participants in the revitalization process. Communities must work together to identify key strategies, known as Economic Transformation Strategies, that provide a clear sense of priorities and direction for revitalization efforts.

These strategies align with the four key areas Main Streets have been using as a guiding framework for more than 35 years: Organization, Economic Vitality, Design, and Promotion. Alamogordo MainStreet use The Main Street Four-Point Approach® as the basis for developing transformative economic development.